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biological psychiatry - 4

1. Brodmann's area 46 refers to:

A. Primary motor cortex

B. Primary auditory cortex

C. Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex

D. Primary visual cortex

Answer Key

2. The neuronal fibre bundles connecting opposite hemispheres are called:

A. Association fibers

B. Commissural fibers

C. Afferent fibres

D. Efferent fibres

Answer Key

3. The brain area involved in receptive language functions that are localized to the left hemisphere is called:

A. Wernicke's area

B. Broca’s area

C. Cuadate Nucleus

D. Hippocampus

Answer Key

4. The cerebellum is located in the:

A. Middle cranial fossa

B. Posterior cranial fossa

C. Anterior cranial fossa

D. Cella tursica 

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5. The brain regions which constitute the hippocampal formation are all except:

A. Dentate gyrus

B. Hippocampus

C. Subicular complex

D. Putamen 

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6. The monoamines neurotransmitters are all the following except:

A. Serotonin

B. Norepinephrine

C. Dopamine


Answer Key

7. Brain neurotransmitter  serotonin is produced from:

A. Raphe nuclei

B. Substantia niagra

C. Locus ceruleus

D. Amygdala 

Answer Key

8. Dopamine pathways in the brain include all except:

A. Nigrostriatal pathway

B. Mesocorticolimbic pathway

C. Mesopontine complex

D. Tuberohypophyseal pathway

Answer Key

9. The catecholamines are synthesized from the amino acid:

A. Alanine

B. Tyrosine

C. Taurine

D. Glycine

Answer Key

10. Which of the following neurotransmitters is NOT an amine:

A. dopamine

B. norepinephrine

C. serotonin

D. glutamate

Answer Key


1. C

2. B

3. A

4. B

5    .D

6. D



9. B

10 .D

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