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Nursing Research Quiz - 11
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Nursing Research Quiz - 11


1. What is the mode in statistics?

A. Value of middle observation

B. Arithmetic mean

C. Most commonly occurring value

D. Difference between the highest and lowest value

Answer Key

2. Square root of deviation is called:

A. Standard deviation

B. Standard error

C. Mean deviation

D. Range

Answer Key

3. In normal distribution curve, sampling values following:

A. Mean=Median

B. Mean=S.D

C. Mean=Variant

D. Mean= 2 x median

Answer Key

4. Which is false about normal distribution curve?

A. In a normal curve 95% of values in within 1 SD

B. Mean, mode and median coincidence

C. Median is mid value

D. Mode is commonest occurring value

Answer Key

5. Shape of a normal curve is:

A. Symmetrical

B. Curvilinear

C. Linear

D. Parabolic

Answer Key

6. The area under normal distribution curve for S.D. of 2 is:

A. 68%

B. 95%

C. 97.5%

D. 100%

Answer Key

7. In a standard normal curve the area between one standard deviation on either side will be:

A. 68%

B. 85%

C. 97.5%

D. 99%

Answer Key

8. Normal distribution curve is explained using:

A. Mean and sample

B. Mean and median

C. Median and standard deviation

D. Mean and standard deviation

Answer Key

9. In a highly skewed distribution central tendency is better explained by:

A. Mode

B. Median

C. Standard deviation

D. Mean

Answer Key

10. Which is false about normal distribution curve?

A. 95% of values fall within 1 S.D.

B. Mean, median and mode coincide

C. Median is the midvalue

D. Mode is commonest occurring value

Answer Key

11. Right sided skewed distribution causes:

A. Median is more than mean

B. S.D. is more than variance

C. "Tail" to the left

D. "Tail" to the right

Answer Key

12. In a normal distribution curve, the true statement is:

A. Mean = SD

B. Median = SD

C. Mean = 2 Median

D. Mean = Mode

Answer Key

13. If the mean is 230 and the standard error is 10, the 95% confidence limits will be:

A. 210 to 250

B. 220 to 240

C. 225 to 235

D. 230 + or -210

Answer Key

14. Among the following which is most significant P value?

A. 0.005

B. 0.05

C. 0.01

D. 0.1

Answer Key

15. The number of degrees of freedom in a table of (4x4):

A. 4

B. 8

C. 9

D. 16

Answer Key

Answer Key
1. C 2. A 3. A 4. A 5. A
6. B 7. A 8. D 9. A 10. A
11. C 12. D 13. A 14. A 15. C
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