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Nursing Research Quiz - 12
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Nursing Research Quiz - 12


1. "Confidence limits" are:

A. Mean +/- Standard error

B. Median + Standard error

C. Mean + Range

D. Mean standard deviations

Answer Key

2. Sum of all squares of deviation from the mean is called:

A. Mean

B. Mode

C. Variance

D. Standard Error

Answer Key

3. Limits of confidence of a hypothesis is determined by:

A. Power factor

B. Level of significance

C. 1-power factor

D. 1-level of significance

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4. Which is true about cluster sampling?

A. Every month case is chosen fro study

B. A natural group is taken as sampling unit

C. Stratification of population

D. Involves use of random numbers

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5. In a community of 3000 people, 80% are Hindus, 10% Muslims, 5% Sicks, 4% Christians, and 1% Jains. To select a sample of 300 people to analyze food habits, ideal sampling method would be:

A. Simple random sampling

B. Stratified random sampling

C. Systematic random sampling

D. Inverse sampling

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6. Mean of 25 variables is 2, Standard deviation is 2, Standard error of mean is:

A. 0.4

B. 0.2

C. 2.0

D. 10

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7. Cholesterol value are obtained in a group of people before and after giving drug A. the appropriate statistical test used to analyze the data is:

A. Paired t-test

B. Unpaired t-test

C. Fischer's test

D. Chi-square test

Answer Key

8. Calculate standard error for population of size of 25 persons suffering from fever of history of 8 days and with standard deviation of 2.

A. 0.4

B. 0.2


D. 1.6

Answer Key

9. In a population of 100 females the mean hemoglobin concentration was 10 and standard deviation was 1. The standard error is:

A. 0. 01

B. 0.1

C 0.5

D. 1.6

Answer Key

10. An investigator was to study the association between maternal intake of iron supplements (yes or no) and birth weights (in grams) of newborn babies. He collects relevant data from 100 pregnant women and their newborns. What is the appropriate statistical investigation in this context?

A. Chi-square test

B. Unpaired or independent t-test

C. Analysis of variance

D. Paired t-test

Answer Key

Answer Key

1. A 2. C 3. B 4. D 5. B
6. A 7. A 8. A 9. B 10. B
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