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Gastrointestinal System Quiz

Gastrointestinal System Quiz - 1

1. If all the following diagnostic tests are done in the same patient, which test to be performed at the last?

A. Gall bladde series

B. Barium enema

C. Barium swallow

D. Oral choleycystogram

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2. What type of diet should be provided to the patient scheduled for oral choleycystogram on the evening before the test?

A. Low-protein

B. High-carbohydrate

C. Fat-free

D. Liquid

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3. What type of diet is indicated for a patient with colostomy for the first 4 to 6 weeks following the surgery?

A. High-protein

B. High-carbohydrate

C. Low-calorie

D. Low-residue

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4. Which is the appropriate mode of suction pressure and control indicated for stomuch decompression?

A. Low and continuous

B. High and intermittent

C. low and intermittent

D. High and continuous

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5. Gastric juice contains:

A. Pepsin, lipase and renin

B. Trypsin, lipase and rennin

C. Trypsin, lipase and lipase

D. Trypsin, pepsin and rennin

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6. Succus entericus is the name given to:

A. Intestinal juice

B. Junction between ileum and large intestine

C.Swelling in the gut

D. Appendix

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7. Glycogen is:

A. Synthesised in liver, source of energy, forming bile and lipase

B. Disacharide stored in liver, reacts with amonia to form protein

C. Synthesied in blood, stored in liver, and muscle to provide glucose.

D. Polysacharide synthesised and stored in liver

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8. Which ones are absorbed in the alimentary tract without any breakdown?

A. Proteins

B. Polysacharides

C. fat soluble vitamins

D. Albumin of egg

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9. pH suitable for ptylin action is:

A. 6.8

B. 7.8

C. 3.2

D. 9.3

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10. Choose the correct pair

A. Rennin-Casein

B. Protein-Amylase

C. Carbohydrate-Lipase

D. Maltase-Lactose

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10. What is common among amylase, rennin and lipase?

A. All proteins

B. Proteolytic enzymes

C. Produced in stomuch

D. Act at pH lower than 7.

Answer Key

Answer Key
1. C 2. C 3. D 4. C 5. A
6. A 7. D 8. C 9. A 10. B
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