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Nursing Research Quiz - 16
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Nursing Research Quiz - 16


1. The ratio between the incidence of disease among exposed and non-exposed is called:

A. Causal risk

B. Attributable risk

C. Relative risk

D. Odd's ratio

Answer Key

2. Which is false about cohort study?

A. Incidence can be measured

B. Used to study chronic diseases

C. Expensive

D. Always prospective

Answer Key

3. Prevalence of disease in a community can be found out by:

A. Case control study

B. Cohort study

C. Cross-sectional study

D. Experimental study

Answer Key

4. True about case control study are all, except:

A. Quick results

B. Incidence rate measure

C. Proceeds from effect to cause

D. Relatively inexpensive

Answer Key

5. Study of lung cancer in non-smokers is:

A. Unifactorial

B. Multifactorial

C. Passive smocking also increases risk of cancer

D. Beedi smokers carry higher risk than cigarette smokers

Answer Key

6. Temporal association between a risk factor and the disease relates to:

A. Does-response relationship

B. Duration - response relationship

C. One to-one relationship

D. Cause and effect relationship

Answer Key

7. Percentages in the segments are indicated by:

A. Bar charts

B. Histogram

C. Pictogram

D. Pie charts

Answer Key

8. In a community with prevalence of HIV 5%, if the sensitivity is 95% and specificity is 95% of ELISA, what is the predictive value of the test?

A. 100%

B. 50%

C. 25%

D. 0%

Answer Key

9. Parameters of sensitivity and specificity are used for assessing:

A. Criterion validity

B. Construct validity

C. Discriminant validity

D. Content validity

Answer Key

10. Secondary attack rate reflects:

A. Severity

B. Communicability

C. Fatality

D. Infectivity

Answer Key

Answer Key
1. C 2. D 3. A 4. B 5. B
6. D 7. D 8. B 9. A 10. B
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