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Nursing Research Quiz - 18
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Nursing Research Quiz - 18


1. Which is the most appropriate statistical technique used to test for significant differences between two group means from data gathered by a repeated measures design?

A. Paired t-test

B. Student's t-test

C. Mann-Whiteny U test


E. Pearson correlation

Answer Key

2. For interpreting the value of t using a t-distribution table, the factors that must be known are:

A. The degrees of freedom

B. Whether hypothesis is one or two-tailed

C. The significance level

D. All of the above

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3. A type of graph which displays the median value by a horizontal bar surrounded by 50% of scores shown within a box:

A. Histogram

B. Box plots

C. Frequency polygon

D. Normal distribution

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4. What is not true about range?

A. Range equals to the difference between highest and lowest scores

B. Range is inclusive of the two extreme scores

C. Range is a measure of dispersion

D. Range equals to the standard error of mean

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5. Post-hoc tests of the one-way ANOVA are all, except:

A. Least significant difference (LSD)

B. Scheff's testCopyright@

C. Turkey's b test

D. Kolmogrov-Smirnov test

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6. T-test makes following assumptions, except:

A. Level of measurement of the DV must be at least interval

B. DV is normally distributed in the population

C. The variances of the sample are not significantly different

D. The Independent Variable (IV) is at the nominal level of data

Answer Key

7. Factorial ANOVA is employed to address the research question focusing the difference in the means of:

A. One DV and two or more than two IVs

B. One DV and one IV

C. More than two DV and one IV

D. More than two DVs and two DVs

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8. Which statistical test is more appropriate when there are more than two levels of independent variables to determine which group means are significant?

A. ANOVACopyright@

B. Regression

C. Chi-square test


Answer Key

9. Which statistical test makes the sphericity assumption?

A. Between-group one-way ANOVA

B. Within-groups one-way ANOVA

C. Mann-Whitney U test

D. Student t-test

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10. Which statement about sampling error (S.E.) is wrong?

A. S.E. is proportional to the population variance

B. S.E. is inversely proportional to the sample size

C. S.E. is obtained by dividing sample size by standard deviation

D. S.E. is a statistical constant which measures the dispersion of the sample means is around the total population mean

Answer Key

Answer Key
1. A 2. D 3. B 4. D 5. D
6. D 7. A 8. A 9. B 10. C
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