Nursing Management




Types of disasters

Levels of disaster

Disaster mitigation

Phases of disaster management

Prevention phase
Preparedness phase

Key organizations and professionals in disaster management

Health care community

  • Hospitals
  • Health professionals
  • Pharmacies
  • Public health departments
  • Rescue personnel

Non-health care community

  • Fire fighters
  • Municipal or government officials
  • Media
  • Medical examiners
  • Medical supply manufactures
  • Police

Community preparedness

Response phase

The level of disaster varies and the management plans mainly based on the severity or extent of the disaster.

Recovery phase

Disaster management cycle

Prevention                     ------>        preparedness

         I                                                         v
Recovery                <---------            response                           

Disaster management plans

Aims of disaster plans


Disaster management committee

The following members would comprise the disaster management committee under the chairmanship of medical superintendent/ director

Disaster control room
Rapid response team
Information and communication
Disaster beds
Logistic support system
Training and drills

Elements of disaster plan

A disaster plan should have the following elements

Activation of disaster management plans

Disaster management- nurse’s role in community

Assess the community

Diagnose community disaster threats

Community disaster planning

Implement disaster plans

Evaluate effectiveness of disaster plan


Disaster is an emergency situation, therefore coordination of actions and various departments is an essential requisite for efficient management of mass casualties.


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